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When your name is googled and you come up on the front page.
Guy: Yo man that stunt you pulled was google worthy!

Stunt Guy: Sheeeeiiiittt!!
by Zrevoman August 25, 2010
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Any person, place, thing or concept that has enough mention on the web to be cataloged by Google. Derrived from the term "spongeworthy" created by the Seinfeld TV sitcom.
"I always thought that guy didn't even know how to plug in a computer, but apparently a lot of things he wrote are Googleworthy."
by VikingLoki March 23, 2007
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Google Worthy

When you are not exactly sure of something, or you need to confirm a statistic or fact, but still deciding if you really even care.
Bro 1: " hey Donald Trump is coordinating a new BoyBand and calling them the Tumpettes"
Bro 2: "nah awe"
Bro1 "yeah man, if you don't believe it"
Bro2 " man, that s_ _ _ isn't even Google Worthy"
Bro 2
by WildestBlings January 13, 2017
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