looks good from far away, but far from good up close
You see a girl down the street that looks good from far, but she gets close and she is far from good and makes you wanna hurl. "Dude look at that chick across the party. Wait here she comes.(puking noises)Dude she was good from far, far from good.(more puking sounds)."
by Matthew Wegenke October 1, 2006
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When a bitch looks hot from a distance . . . but as she gets closer . . . you realize that she's nasty
That bitch was good from far . . . but far from good
by MOSSDOGG April 4, 2003
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An instance when a female looks good from a distance. Soon to find out they are one ugly bitch, up close.
"That chick was good from far, but far from good."
by MF September 6, 2002
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