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Goochland is a county west of Richmond, Va. It is, to most Richmonders, country. However, to many people from the REAL country, it is just a pussy version of country. the part nearest to richmond is full of rich people and country clubs. The rest is trailer trash and farms. by innocent middle schoolers, it is often called "the gooch" until they notice that is the same thing as a taint. most of the kids go to either goochland country public school, or the rich kids in big houses with lakes, counry clubs, and 90 acres of land all go to St. Christophers, St. Catherines, or Collegiate. then they try to be country by driving trucks and hunting.
Dude, what should we do this weekend?
Hmm, maybe hang out at your house?
Dude, i live so far away all the way in the gooch! (Goochland, Virginia.)
Man are you kidding, thats pussy country.
by emcdagooch February 06, 2011
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