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a way to get back at a slag that has been bitching about your bedroom antics.

whilst doing her from behind, start making noise tht your about to come, so convince to take your load on her face, when shes expecting it, you piss all over her.
it has been rumoured that "dave" has a tiny penis and doesnt actually like sex by "laura" who he recently banged a few times

after a drunken night out together where they met and started to hook up, dave suggests they take it elsewhere, back to his...

after a while of good hard fucking, and they end up doing it doggystyle/stoodup...

Dave : oh my god, this is amazing i think im going to come!
Laura : i love it too, cant we keep going, just a little bit longer?
Dave :OK just let me cover your face thn I'll finish you off
Laura : yeah bitch!

Dave pulls out and 'tosses to the point of ejaculation' where instead he pisses all over her, in her mouth, up her nose etc; thus giving her a 'golden shower #2'

by RaymondB September 24, 2007
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