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1. A golden mortgage occurs when a bank or mortgage company allows the homeowner to sell their property for an amount that is lower than what is owed on the loan, then micturates on the newly dispossessed homeowner.

2. Rejected title revision for a song by a New York City rock band that takes its name from audio compressor settings.

3. A charge widely believed to be included in a sealed indictment against the R&B singer/songwriter R. Kelly.
With his credit in Jeopardy, Archibald reluctantly donned a slicker and accepted a golden mortgage.

The songwriter was shrewdly advised that, whatever he did, he must not change the name of his song to "Golden Mortgage."

Requesting a golden mortgage, the accused allegedly genuflected and looked into the eyes of his stylist's niece with pity and longing.
by A Tabak April 17, 2008
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