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A baby or child, especially when the parent receives lots of additional benefits as the result of giving birth... such as extra benefits at work that are not available to those without children like childcare stipends, family-leave time, flex or comp time for family or school functions, etc. Golden-larva benefits for the unemployed include easier access to Medicaid, WIC, food stamps and other government or charity assistance and grants.
Childfree co-worker: "Hey, can you stay over for a few extra minutes tonight to help with cleanup?"

Breeder co-worker: "No, I have to leave early again to pick my baybee up from the sitter. Oh, and my sitter can't watch the baybee tomorrow so I won't be in. I'll need you to do the ordering for me, if you would."

Childfree: "Man, I'm doing a lot of extra work on account of you and that golden larva of yours..."
by For Whom The Bell Trolls August 04, 2007
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