1. Intr. V. To communicate to someone else their inablity to identify their sexual orientation; To insinuate that one is questioning their sexuality

2. Intr. V. To begin to question one's sexuality; To consider oneself bi-sexual, when one is really trying to justify if they are more gay or more straight (knowing that bi-sexuality in it's truest form is equal or close to equal attraction to both genders.)

Possible Origin: Movie, "Camp".

Usage: Insinuation of someone else.
1. The students in the classroom suspect that their teacher is gay but is either in the closet or does not want to admit to him/herself that they are gay. The students ask the teacher, "Mr. C, do you want to go camping with us?" Meaning, the students want the teacher to feel comfortable with who they are, be at ease to state whether they are gay, bi, or straight, and talk about the challenges they are going through.

2. "...you know she's gay." "Nah, she's just going camping."

3. What's goin' on wit me, I gotta be goin' camping.

by Dannyinpa April 22, 2006
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lets go camping is a slang term for driving in a car to find a place to smoke once youve found a suitable spot you go camping which means getting baked.
lets go camping
by peace love and happiness February 23, 2010
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I go camping in secret is from the television show "How I met your mother" after Ted tells Robin that he loves her, he leaves and let's her think about if she loves him back. When he wakes up he thinks of what he'll say to Robin and decides to tell her to forget he ever said it. When he exits his room he panics and yells "I go camping in secret!" Which was an allusion to temporary Lyme disease.
George: "I love you!"
Sally: "About what you're saying..."
George:"I go camping in secret!"
by Tedmoesby, architect October 12, 2017
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