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to fuck a girl or guy in the ass using olive oil for lube
The chick wanted me to go greek on her ass, so I did and it was awesone.
by Greek Ass Raper July 13, 2005
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Much like the common term "Going Dutch", Going Greek differs in that the person who has arranged the date pays nothing. Rather than splitting the cost of the meal, the invitee pays for the entire check.

After having done so, the person who pays nothing will still expect the date to progress to an intimate coupling without any concern for the feelings of the invitee.
A Good Example is the The Greece-Europe Bailout of 2010


"Hey, Do you mind covering this?"

"What? I thought we were going Dutch!"

"Yeah, uh... I'm kinda broke right now..."

"You have got to be kidding!"

"Well... uh... I'm sorry, really... but... afterward we could still go back to my place...."

"I would never agree to going Greek with you!"
by Spiffy McFly May 12, 2010
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