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A disease affecting children from middle school to late into their college years. The disease starts as a form of Emoism, but evolves into a form of general deprecation that turns not inward, but generally outward, sometimes including other "scenesters." Scene individuals begin as preppy children, generally middle-class or higher. They will, in the more-advanced stages of Sceneility, act with general disrespect towards loved ones and delude themselves into believing that they are the “hip, popular” Emo, though no such monster actually exists.

Despite this, they attempt to differentiate themselves by being "straightedge" and behaving rudely at shows.

For more information on the roots of Sceneility and Scensterism, please see "Emo" and "Hipster"
My God! He's not an emo anymore! He's come down with a severe case of Sceneility! Just look at his preppy laptop case!
by Spiffy McFly May 10, 2009

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Smirking on the Inside - an IM reference to replace the overused "LOL", in which instance people are most often not actually laughing out loud.
by Spiffy McFly October 06, 2008

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When a guild or group of World Of Warcraft players, sometimes from diverse locations, get together to go on an outing or activity in real life.
"Dude, wanna give that game a rest, and come out into the real world?"

"What do you mean!?! I was just on a WoWting to the zoo last week! I met my tank in person!"
by Spiffy McFly December 02, 2009

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Much like the common term "Going Dutch", Going Greek differs in that the person who has arranged the date pays nothing. Rather than splitting the cost of the meal, the invitee pays for the entire check.

After having done so, the person who pays nothing will still expect the date to progress to an intimate coupling without any concern for the feelings of the invitee.
A Good Example is the The Greece-Europe Bailout of 2010


"Hey, Do you mind covering this?"

"What? I thought we were going Dutch!"

"Yeah, uh... I'm kinda broke right now..."

"You have got to be kidding!"

"Well... uh... I'm sorry, really... but... afterward we could still go back to my place...."

"I would never agree to going Greek with you!"
by Spiffy McFly May 12, 2010

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