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The correct traditional pronunciation of "going K.N.U.", i.e. going "kilt no underwear": the only socially acceptable and culturally sensitive way to wear a kilt.
Example 1

Person 1: Any geek off the street can go commando, but it takes a real man to go keanu.
Person 2: Damn straight!
Person 3: Amen bro!

Example 2

Person 1: Yo, I was going keanu last night. The laydeez were lovin the kilt and it was all sweet till I took a ride on the bucking bronco. 10 seconds later I was on my back covered in VK Apple and the merchandise was on display.
Person 2: It's just such examples of ill-judged bronco riding that give VK Apple and traditional Scottish dress a bad name.
by PostGradam October 05, 2006
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