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extremly loud; out of control individual that does random obscene acts with no regard to anyone else and their feelings. partying throughout the day, long into the next morning, usually can be pointed out within a lagre crowd.

primary objectives when "going bammer" are the following.

-Drink large quantities of liquor and beer
-Get any and all available vagina that can be located.
-Chain smoke cigarettes
-Spend entire two week paycheck in one night
-Have absolutly no concern for anyone while maintaining a strictly party attitude.
person 1: Oh man! did you see that kid last night going bammer!

person 2: that kid smoking spice moles in front of valet parking at the casino, trying to get those two cougars back to his homies garage?

person 1: haha ya, he was using that t payne auto tune app all night trying to rig girls. hes already killed a bottle of jack and is now working on the tequila.

person 2: Going so bammer.
by something760 July 26, 2011
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