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A person who was a mainstream geek, wannabe hipster and know-it-all. Regular smart-ass, the guy who, on a regular bases, annoys the hell out of people with his sarcastic-attitude and usually gets bitch-slapped or worse, shunned by everyone for it.

For one to be a gogli it is of grave importance for him to have an epiphany of sorts and thus try to mend his socially unacceptable behavior by going out of his way to be nice to his friends and others. A gogli has to be transformed at some point, he can't just stay bitchy forever.
Usually, a gogli is quite cute, however, he is bald and/or wears glasses. This doesn't tend to turn girls off, on the contrary, they take a strange liking to him and his oddball goofs and usual gaffe, making him their pet project and guilty pleasure they text at night after their boyfriends roll around and go to sleep.
He's an architect turned designer, his hobbies are photography and reading Wallpaper*. Loves cashmere and thinks 16 Year Old Single Malt Lagavulin is a man's drink, doesn't really have cash for either. You'd think he was gay if it weren't for all the gossip that he's well endowed that hot girls spread around.
He means well but can lack tact. He weeps on occasion and thinks every girl is the girl of his dreams. She's not.

Gogli is an all around cool guy, a good person and can be quite useful for stuff.

Like punching in the face.
If we don't invite our gogli to the party, we won't have anyone to bitch at or poor beer on.

But, honey, this gogli has a huge penis, (no, really, you have to see it!) it's not my fault I cheated on you - it was that monster tempting me!

The slut cheated on me with a gogli and thought I wouldn't read about it on his Twitter.

Gogli's photography is amazing, I wish I could be his girlfriend.

Ted Mosby from HIMYM is such a gogli, except he has a career, isn't really bald and apart from having 20/20 vision, he has a TV show revolving around his bipolar life.

I dumped a gogli and my life sucks now.
by bbgabng November 01, 2011
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