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Term used when a character wearing goggles is killed off-panel in a comic book. Usually denoted by the presence of smashed goggles on the floor after the kill without ever seeing the body.

Synonymous with sallyblam

The phrase comes from BumbleKing Comics Forums, the official forums for the current writer of Archie Comic's Sonic the Hedgehog (as of 2011). In issue #225 of Sonic, the lead female Sally Acorn was killed off-panel by three BLAMs. The issue ends with Sonic running toward her off-panel body only seeing smashed goggles (hence, gogglesmash) on the floor.
Comic Nerd 1: Dude, that guy with the goggles totally got killed off-panel. Heck, they only show broken goggles afterwards. The @#$%.

Comic Nerd 2: Sounds like he was gogglesmashed.
by MegaHayzer October 14, 2011
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