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A roleplayer that will do what he wants despite resistance from the Dungeon Master or the other players. Generally a nuisance and usually a munchkin. Term taken from the common "God mode" in various first-person shooters that renders you invincible.
Gary is a God moder. If you say the world explodes, he'll say he goes Super Saiyan and makes a shield to protect himself.
by Dasrik December 30, 2003
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A roleplayer of any sort that can not understand the rules of the game, they will block every attack, dodge every attack, and with auto, also known as making a attack so it canβ€˜t be blocked or dodged. They have little respect for roleplay fights and, in some cases, if you block them, they will call you s n00b, moder, or something that makes them just seem like a moron.

Thought to be taken from the normal term in video games for (in most cases) being invincible and usually have most of any skill or attacks unlocked, any magic held be to the max or unlimited, and ammo to the max or unlimited. The term of coarse is god Mode, a person such as this is taken god moding into a place it is frowned upon, god moder.
Howler Silver: (for length purposes this will be a post in a nutshell) The blade slashes down, slicing over the wall as it sliced through the air towards its target..

God ModeR: *Rips off skin, showing he is de terminator and the blade breaks* I AM INVINCIBLE!

Howler Silver: ..damnit, forget this I am leaving..

by Howler Silver July 21, 2005
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Generally speaking under forum Role Play based turns a godmoder is someone who seems to be all powerful, using the strongest attacks, somehow always hitting their opponent and having the uncanny ability to dodge everything thrown at them, compared to literate RPers godmoders appear as bafoons, it's odd that there are still so many of them about in this crazy world,
Godmoder Bob: Bob laughs as fred's kamikaze attack capable of wiping out half the world is absorbed by Bobs magic crystal
Godmoder fred: luckily Fred is half pheonix, able to return to life
normal player: For the love of God, stop it...stop it now, I can't take it anymore...too much godmoding....KILL ME NOW!
by Phil December 11, 2004
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Someone that play god. Have hyperpowerful attacks as well as no weakness and a cheap way to counter everything. See wordlamer/wordand wordtwink/word.
*Mr.Godmoder pulls out his Godmoding buster and shoots Mr.X for 9999^99 damage by hit.
by Booken July 17, 2003
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