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A small island that is said to have been the place of origen for the goatse man. In the land of ancient goatsos lived a sub-species of man called the goatsinians. The goatse man was a term first termed by scientists exploring the island. Upon arriving on the island of goatsos, the scientists noticed that the goatsinians had not only a penis but a vagina, which the goatsinians would spread open as far as they could. Scientist soon discovered that the large butt cavities of the goatsinians were for the giver, their ancient god with a wang the size of five black men. The goatsinians said a great ass rapage would come and kill them all, so they were stretching their holes in preperation for the apocaplyptic event. Unfortunately the giver did cum, and killed all butt one of the goatsinians in his butt rape fiesta, the GOATSE MAN. The goatse man's parents had hid him and ran away, leaving him only with a special ring of buttt streching power. And that is how the goatse man came into exisistence.
goatse, goatseman, goatsos
by Peter Morales November 25, 2005
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