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The Arabian Goats Eye is a cock ring with a goats eye attached around it for extra pleasure.

Have 1,001 Arabian orgasms! Soak the Goats Eye in warm water 5 minutes before sex and place around the shaft. During erection the ring will tighten itself and with each thrust the fine hairs will stimulate the clitoris and the opening to the vagina.

The pressure of the Goats Eye can also help maintain erections. Size of an orgasm!
Jonathan placed the goats eye over his rock hard penis and began instering his member into his parner (a random homeless man found on the streets of Leeds, UK). His partner chuckled with delite as the goats eye tickled his tender rectum before he screamed and Jon released his creamy load over his partners sweating back.
by Rob Hogsmith January 09, 2006
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