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a novel way to start offering advice and easy solutions to complex problems
Example 1:

I don't know what to do - my boyfriend can't stop turning his head at anything in a short dress and stilettos. I find it really humiliating.

ah yes, go to 'start' 'control panel' 'settings' and then adjust his horndog settings to what you'd like them to be

Example 2:

what are we going to do about the energy crisis and global warming?

go to 'start' 'control panel' 'settings', click on 'energy efficiency' and then next to that you'll see 'make the world a lot more energy efficient'

Example 3:

How do I stop my boyfriend from farting so much?

go to 'start' 'control panel' 'settings' and then 'flatulence'...
by Peter Greenwall February 15, 2011
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