1) The Poor-Man's Transformer

2) A Ghetto-Transformer

3) Children's toy (vehicle) that turned into a robot
(well, sort-of) by means of a few simple twists,
smaller and less expensive than a Transformer (heck,
even the Go-bot Cartoon show was cheaper and cheeseier
than the Transformer's Cartoon, notice there's no
Go-bots movie), BUT at least you didn't need to read
the instructions each time just to transform a Go-bot!
They were much simpler and tougher.

4) Probably the coolest toy of the it's time (20 years ago
or so). If you were really poor like me, your Go-bot
was a rock or a stick, which you had to pretend turned
into a robot or something.
Me: "Check out my Go-Bot"

Ty: "Dude, that's not a Go-bot, that's just a stick.?"

Me: "No, it's a actually robot that TURNS INTO a stick!!"

Ty: "Turn it into a robot then..."

Me: "Ummm...OK, there, check it out..."

Ty: "That dosen't look like a robot."

Me: "Neither does yours."

Ty: "Yeah, I guess you're right."
by goodcop8 August 11, 2007
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