The only guy you could think of all day and all night. He can be your bestfriend and lover at the same time. He can be your boyfriend who can act like your bestfriend, and the only guy you can tell your problems to and be completely mellow about it.
Kristina has been keeping problems all bottled up and needs someone to talk to somebody. So she texts her go to boy Jason who is also her boyfriend.
by Khance September 30, 2013
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Taking a huge shit...remember when you were a kid standing in corner holding on to the coffee table, looking around as you shit in to your diaper.. That's going big boy... Your mom use to say" that's my big boy"..
There's my baby going big boy
by Nycman June 12, 2014
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something you say when a white boy finally does something cool
let’s say justin does a kick flip or whatever.

“go white boy go!” would be the compliment he’d receive.
by mamma mia here we go again October 16, 2020
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Go way boi unk before I call dickybird and the buvas.
by FrayJoker December 26, 2018
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Generally, a swagged out gentleman that gets all the bitches, has hella benjamins & wears the best clothes.
by PearlyLadiez January 16, 2012
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When a BLACK MOM or BLACK DAD meet your white boyfriend they say “go white boy go” and or when a white boy can dance
“Go white boy go! That’s my favorite white boy”
by Go white boy go November 29, 2020
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(In Accordance To Randolph) The primary term used in the JOI category of porn.
Knowledge"W-w-wait so what's the video? "
Randolph" Its like them talking to you"
Knowledge"So what do they say? "
Randolph" Oh ye go slower boi"
by ApexLegendsDefenitions March 23, 2021
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