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verb; To transcend traditional conversation, and reach higher levels of communal thought. When glouzing, one rarely talks about actual people, places, or things. Most glouze sessions revolve around hypothetical situations and ideas. The use of drugs or alcohol is not necessary to glouze, but it does help a little. Most people that glouze don't realize they are glouzing, unless it's an intentional glouze. Much like improvisational acting, the key to glouzing is to keep the train going. Ideas need to bounce back and forth between people, creating the energy to keep conversation fluid and constant. No topic of conversation is denied passage. If an anti-glouzing agent, (like a cell phone, or a bro) is introduced, it must be removed completely. When you encounter people in full glouze mode, it's best to pull up a chair and listen for a few minutes before joining in. If you are not interested in glouzing, and would rather gossip or talk about your new work-out regimen, do not enter at all. The benefits of glouzing include: mind expansion, stronger relationships, heightened creativity, and good memories. The only side effect of glouzing is that normal conversation will seem much more boring and pointless in comparison.
I've got two beers in me, a few friends with me, a great sunset in front of me, and now I'm ready to glouze the night away.
by Cynthesizer May 14, 2013
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