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The sticky drippings on your hand when using a self service soda fountain. Usually drips from the neighboring flavor spigot or more likely, drips onto your hand from the spigot you are using as you remove the cup of soda. Will most likely run down hand to sleeve if wearing a white shirt on way to work or social function.

Big Gulp machines at 7-11s are notorious for dripping such glomus on the hands of patrons who then wipe it with a napkin by the hot dogs and leave the napkin laying on the counter.
"AARRRRRGH! This Diet Coke glomus just dripped onto my white coat. I look like a damn dalmation."

"Get yourself a Big Gulp but make sure to wipe any glomus off of your hands before you get in my car."
by Spudsy G November 24, 2013
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