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The Active ingredient in most kittens. Glisterphain is what allows kittens to be immensely cute in every way form and matter.Glisterphain is located in a kittens Medula Oblengata.

(Not for human consumption)
If Consumed By a Human Side Effects may Include:
Euphoria,Spouting 2 pointy ears and a tail, schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD,Turrets, Extreme swelling of the testicals or ovarys, Growth of an extra nose,Forgetting Your Language and only knowing how to say "meow", And Random Pregnancies of premature cat fetus's.
"Hey man wanna go extract some Glisterphain from kitten brains?"

Guy 1: "Dude last night i drank a full bottle of glysterphain and now the doctor says theres kitten fetus's inside of me" Guy 2: "wow...your dumb"

Parents: "Son why have you grown two pointy ears?"
Guy: No reason....leave me alone!
Parents: "We know you have been drinking glysterphain"
Guy: .....:(
by Danluke Shedelhardt November 14, 2007
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