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Shining, Being the best you can be. Stunting on a hater or even your friends slapping a nigga or two while wearing now and later gator shoes with a authentic pair of "grillz" from the video entitled "Grillz" written by Nelly. You remember the guy with the bandage under his eye.
Jason:(walks in with two bitches knots in his pocket, A Gucci belt then starts to pop bottles of Armand de brignac)
Jason's ex girlfriend: Shit I shouldn't have broke up with him that nigga gleaming right now
Group of black gentleman approach: "what you say white bitch".
Jessica runs away in fear while fleeing the scene Jason trips her and pours the bottle of Armand de brignac all over her back

Jason's ex girlfriend: your a dick Jason

Jason: slaps Jessica and walks over her and said cancel that bitch like Nino brown in New jack city.
Leader of the black group Artez "pookie" Washington says: "Damn that's a gleaming motherfucker"
by Blackhawk28 October 13, 2016
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