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1.) A person whose penchant for glamour borders on obsession, or whose actions in the pursuit of glamour function at the exclusion of all other faculties of reason, logic and prioritization; 2.) One who is so in love with glamour as to almost have an affliction; 3.) One who is so addicted to the indulgence of their glamour-seeking tendencies that they begin to suffer from outright glamoholism, also known as a glamoholic.
"My roomate is late with her half of the rent thanks to her absurd glamophile tendencies. She said she had to have those Jimmy Choo stilettos, even if it meant her ass out on the streets! "

"That girl lives in another world, one with a little too much sparkle in it. She refers to herself as a glamophile... but someone should tell her she needs Glamoholics Anonymous!"
by TheGoldenMuse May 16, 2010
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