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A girl who you can hang out with like shes one of your bros. Not to be confused with "girl, bro"
"are you two going out?"
"nah shes my girlbro"

"I'm gonna go have a beer with my girlbro"
by mama tbo April 23, 2010
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A girl who is cool enough to qualify for bro status
Dude 1: Cecilia is such a girl bro, man
Dude 2: Totally, if she had a dick, she'd be a real bro, bro
by thewit2 June 11, 2012
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the girl the guys keep around to chill with and led on because they don't have much else going on in that moment, they like the girlbro more than a bro but not enough to date or take seriously.. and shes always a very gorgeous girl that gets let down way to much
soo is he trying to date you??

nah im basically his "girlbro"
by LILLLLLYCANS February 16, 2011
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