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gipin means or Guts to Iguana pin, where you get a persons intestines and pin them to the back of an agitated iguana, its an underground form of torture and is often used by members of the secret organisation "the 7 cobblers" who roam the streets of abergavenny looking for victims (people who are wearing more than one hat especially), these victims are then tortured through gipin or other methods untill they reveal knowledge, which the torture/s then collect in a 'knowledge bucket' and distribute amongst the other members. This group is gathering knowledge at an alarming rate and will soon have enough to build a small scale 'atomic bomb of questionarres' which will scatter questionarres across the county, confounding all who read them. Due to the superior nature of said questionarres the people and government of britain will imediately transfer power to "the 7 cobblers" and a new era of darkness will begin.
"These 7 Cobblers and their gipin is the biggest threat this country has ever faced" Tony Blair
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