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When you do anything to anger a ginger they may call the ginger lords to eat your soul
"I warned you not to mess with David and now the ginger lords will fuck your soul"
by lidl December 04, 2014
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The GingerLord originated as the outcasted son of Zeus due to his flaming orange hair. All evidence of him had been destroyed when Zeus wanted to keep control, knowing the GingerLord was way too powerful for Zeus to handle. Sent down to the mortal realm, the GingerLord created a small but powerful army of ginger humans to eventually riot against society and find their place in the universe. Once the ginger population has taken over all of Earth, they will expand to other planets with the GingerLord leading they way, and he will take back the throne of the gods, once and for all.
Ginger 1: "My master, I bow down to you as you are the creator of life."
Burnett 1: "haha you're stupid"
Burnett 1: gets struck by orange lightning
Burnett 2: sees that "my new lord, I love you!"
GingerLord: "dont worry, young one. I forgive you"
by TheGingerLord February 19, 2019
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