A red/auburn haired male who can hold his own in hand to hand combat, and usually wins with a strike you were not expecting.
"Damn that white boy gots some mad squabbles son! Look at that red hair, must be some kind of ginga ninja!
by Fluffy small pants May 17, 2011
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Generally a ginger haired, female or male, who actually thinks he or she is a REAL ninja. Or has ninja skills.

However can be an insult to many gingers who agree with the fact "ninja's are cool"

It Means : Stupid Ginger, you could never be a ninja!
Ginger "I think Ninja's are cool, wouldn't mind being one myself actually"
Person 1 "Ha! You Ginga Ninja! Ha Ha Ha!"

Ginger "I am a Ninja! I have ninja skills, ninja powers and a real ninja sword! And a few deathstars, but they are in the post"
Person 2 "Ha Ha! You Think Your a Ninja! You Ginga Ninja!"
by Passion...x May 21, 2007
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The girl that doesn’t want to admit she’s ginger and tries her hardest to clear it up. She has excuses like my hair’s not even that red. And i’m strawberry blond. But she sneaky like a ninja.
by Big Boi Chips Ahoy July 18, 2019
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