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A human-like body used by the Shinigami characters of Bleach to interact with the human world, initially developed by Uruhara for an investigation, then rented out at a totally reasonable price. There are different types with different abilities and characteristics. They can be animated by modified souls in order to accomplish various purposes such as allowing the shinigami to go do shinigami things without disrupting their human lives / cover stories. Some gigai automatically disappear when exited, although most in the series simply fall to the ground like a doll unless the spirit is replaced by a mod soul.

(n) (hard g, almost like saying "key". gee-guy.) As it is a Japanese word, the plural form gigai is preferable.
Grandma Haru: What is a gigai?
Toshirou: A body for eating candied beans.
Grandma Haru: Then you should eat a lot of them!
by Windy Chrome Again August 13, 2013
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