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To unintentionally and unknowingly call someone with your cell phone redial/speedial because you did not lock your keypad and the exposed buttons were pressed by keys in the pocket, by sitting on your phone, etc... Costly mistake if it's a long distance call. Preventable by using flip phones.
Jack: What up bro?
John: called me earier?
Jack: Not that I know of...wait a minute...oh sorry dude I musta ghost called ya.
by DonnieLee September 11, 2006
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Calling someone only to hang up either as soon as they pick up, or right before, for the sole purpose of getting their attention. Reasons for ghost calling may be to get a reply from a text or other message, or for a simple reminder of something.

Please note that ghost calling should only be done to close friends or other people who understand. Otherwise, it's totally creepy.

The ghost call can also be used on boyfriends, girlfriends, exes, or anyone else you feel like "checking up on." Just *67 the number so you can call anonymously. They won't suspect a thing!

(Can be used in both verb and noun form)
1.) "Yesterday, my friend wasn't checking his texts, so I gave him a ghost call to get his attention."

2.) Person A: "My girlfriend isn't answering any of my texts, yet always seems to have her phone on her. Do you think she's cheating on me?"
Person B: "Ghost call her. If she answers, you're probably in trouble. Don't forget to *67 that shit!"
by alsn April 10, 2013
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Picking up the phone when it's ringing but there is no one speaking on the other side.
Guy 1:Dude, yesterday I received this ghost call at midnight.

Guy 2:Haha for real? I would totally freak out.

Guy 1:Pussy.
by tresmanzanas October 17, 2011
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