(n)an amazing Indie film made in 2002 by director Terry Zwigoff. Based on the comic book made my Daniel Clowes.

It's about two friends Enid(Thora Birch) and Rebecca( Scarlett Johansson) who just graduate high school and don't really know what to do what there lives. They play a prank on an guy named Seymour(Steve Buscemi) through a personals ad in the newspaper. Enid later becomes friends with Seymour and starts to lose Rebecca as a friend towards the end. It sounds sad but this movie is actually pretty bitchin'.

some funny quotes:
Alcoholic Customer: Do you serve beer or any alcohol?
Enid: I wish. Actually you wish... after about five minutes of this movie, you're gonna wish you had ten beers.

Rebecca: So, what do you do if you're a Satanist?
Enid: Sacrifice virgins and stuff.
Rebecca: I guess that lets us off the hook.

Enid: How can you stand all these assholes
Rebecca: Some people are ok, mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody.

Ghost World is one of best movies ever. Its intelligent and has super acting.
by TheBoscoFactor January 27, 2006
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