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1. Having came so many times during sex, you feel the orgasm, but no cum, comes out.

"Dude I banged her so long and came so many times, I was shooting out dust."

2. The Pre-Ejaculatory sperm during sex. This sperm gets a female pregnant during unprotected sex, even if the male pulls out.

"But I pulled out!" "Have you ever heard of pre-cumming?"

Guess he should have wore a condom or had sex with a woman on birth control.

3. A small amount of ejaculation from a boner without touching one's self.

"She was so hot, I got a boner and I felt wet in my boxers"

"This one chick was so hot I had a stain in my jeans."
"Ghost Sperm!" This is the explanation of pre-ejaculation. Pre-ejaculation is nothing more than "Ghost Sperm." Well, can create a baby, but these sperms were ghosts to you.
by P00FZER0 July 14, 2014
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