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Memories that enter your head of past GF's when you are tired of banging your current one.
I'm really sick of this bitch and I keep getting haunted by the ghost of pussy past.
by dirkdiggler9969 April 24, 2009
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The lingering spirit in any room of the house where you or your friends have gotten a woman so hot, she has left a visible reminder on the furniture. (see snail trail)
We are either gonnna cover up that stain or throw away this couch because it reminds me too much of the ghost of pussy past.
by mikeyd June 04, 2005
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this is member of a group of friends who keeps in touch with everyones ex girlfriends. the GOP doesnt like trying to get his own girls, so he instead, plays the sympathy card to everyones exes and tries to get hooked up with their friends, by acting as the gay friend. this person has no respect for himself, in turn no respect for the man code and shows it with his disregard for anything but some sympathetic female attention.
guy1: dude, why does he still talk to your ex? he only knows her from you banging her.

guy2 i know, hes the ghost of pussy past.
by mav303 May 12, 2010
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An ex girlfriend that is always hanging out at your house or with friends of yours and you see her when you go out
I tried to get with that girl but the ghost of pussy past was haunting me all night long
by Austin The Great January 26, 2007
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