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he is one of the most amazing boys you will meet he is so nice and very funny and he is always the one to make you smile and laugh and he is very tall and just a really truthful person and is able to be trusted
Person: hey Ghino can we be friends
Ghino: Of course we can!!
by littlepotato123 February 19, 2018
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He is a hot guy but is also nice, he is very loyal and easy to talk to. Can turn on any woman like no other person can he practically has to be worshiped. His charming smile can be seen from a mile away. Alphabeast and everyone respects him, he loves to talk to people. He never lets go of his dreams and works hard to reach his dreams. When you feel down Ghino will comfort you. When you meet a Ghino never let him go, he may be a future boyfriend. No one is as good as Ghino
That day Ghino left I felt so empty and I am missing his hotness.
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by loverblubber2312 November 26, 2018
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