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When you and all your wigga-friends get together in suburbia to get high and listen to quality hip hop.

The word can be used by real niggas as well but they should be warned of reduction of social status since they will be considered to be wiggas.
We are having a ghetto-gether, bring some weed!
by Ă–stra Aros' Finest February 28, 2008
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when crazy friends drink chocolate milk, and have a "get together" at her house.
Lauren and Kelli were drinking chocolate milk, then invited Chris and Mark over and had a ghettogether.
by ell jayy August 13, 2007
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A gathering of ghetto people or somewhere ghetto.
Instead of a get together, it's a ghettogether/ghettogather.

M: Hey, since we're in (insert ghetto city here) it can't be considered a picnic. It's totally a ghettogether!.......DAWG.

S: Hold on. Let me unpack my pepper spray.


I think they're having a ghettogether.
- observes a group of ghetto people together-
by holycoww! February 03, 2011
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