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Or better known as westridge is located in the beautiful projects of orlando florida next to the OBT which is well known for late night hookers and druggies who have fights with themself in the middle of the road. This middle school is full of people that i dont even know hpw they made it to this country. The vast majority of this school is Haitian, Puerto Rican, or Dominican with less than 4% being white or asian. This school is school is full of fake booshie thots that will do amything for attention. 89% of the people here either own a gun, smoke weed, drink at school, and/or are sluts. Aside from all that, it is a wonderful school. Go warriors!
#1What school you go to?

#2Ghetto ridge.

#1 Do you go to westridge?
#2 Dont you mean ghetto ridge?
by That one person @westridge April 13, 2014
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