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A Ghetto Smurf is a try hard "homie" "thug" person, who pretty much ranges from 8 ~ 18 yrs old and is most commonly short who wears bright baggy clothes and acts tough!!
Hey Sam, Look at that Ghetto Smurf over there, damn, whatta Lamar ~ he looks soo bad
by R'n'S August 03, 2003
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The ghetto smurf, is an ideal. It shows that men and smurfs can live together, co-exhisting together in the palace they call the ghetto. Together with their technologies they create a better world for the rest of their smurfy kind.

This idealogical haven does have some drawbacks. A massive amount of funds is spent aquiring paint oils in which the slather themselves before a ritual. These rituals praise their demigod mush-mush. Their rituals consist of smurf-tackular womanizing among the human population. When a subject is scored upon a great feast is held. This is obviosly a rare occasion.

The ghetto smurf high priest is normally defined by a birth mark in the shape of a green mushroom.

The ghetto smrufs are often hassled by the human population. Partly because they are blue, and act in frequent bursts of ganster lamarity. Many different tribes of smurf inhabit tea and cookie factories all over the world particularily in india.

Famous smurfs known among us are:

Snap Inlayo
Crackle Ich Us
Pop Spears
as well us Trugfor Buk-Buk the Tea Monster

We have discovered that the Boston Tea Party Act was, infact, a revolt against smurfkind. This insulted them, and drove them into underground mines and tea sweat shops
Check out that ghetto smurf!!!!!!!
by Ghetto Lance & Michell June 05, 2006
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A man/boy of small stature, who claims and represent his hood the best way he can, with bakbone and a spine. He never let others insult him or his neighbourhood, even though he is small.
Person A: "Have you met that dude, DCSZ?" Person B: "Yeah, I met him at the basketball-court last week, I told him that he had to grow at least twenty inches to play with us, so he broke my nose!" Person A: "I told you! That guy's a real Ghettosmurf!"
by Lucartive April 16, 2009
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