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Ghelyoon, or Ghelyan (قلیان) is the Persian word for Hookah. The Ghelyoon, or Hookah, is a tall water pipe that vaporizes smoke, functioning similar to a bong. The traditional Ghelhoon uses charcoal to raise the temperature of the water to a point were it vaporoses, however, electronicly powered hookahs have been created as well; do not mistake this for the e-hookah, which is simply a small hand held vaporizer. The Ghelyoon, usually uses flavored tabaco, or shisha. Marijuana is also commonly smoked out of a Hookah, however it can typicly be used to smoke any substance, including but not limited to: Opium, Salvia Devenorum, and Hashish. The Ghelyoon originates from antient Arab speaking Persia, however it is very common in most middle eastern country's, and even some European country's, and North & South America.
Ey habbibi, let's smoke some Ghelyoontonight huh?

"Baby pass me the hookah"-Tyga
by M.C-Karamal December 29, 2015
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