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A term usually used in games such as Warcraft, DotA (Defense of the Ancients) to be more specific.

Short for Good Game, Thanks, bye, it is commonly used by players when they are either owning in a game or losing really bad (often followed by a rage quit/rq/alt f4/QQ).

This term is usually used towards the end of a game when it is nearly finished.
blackshatan just pawned Rjay for 300 gold.

Tatsumaki has just scored a Triple kill!

Tatsumaki is beyond godlike!

cdp: fah Tatsumaki is fkn owning hard mangs, 32-0-17

Tatsumaki(all): GGTHNXBAI

Rjay: zfz, nub hardout kser thats why

cdp: big boi

tarantado: hai gaiz i haf ayshun gangstah hair

Rjay: ggthnxbai i r feeding too much


Rjay has left the game.

cdp: gfg rjay nub
by Tatsumaki. November 11, 2009
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