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Stands for 'Go Fuck Ur Ma'.

Also 'gfum'/'g.f.u.m.' a very famous terrorist on Habbo Hotel (American version). He is a crazy, undeniable, gay hater, who travels around the hotel terrorising n00bs and trying to de-gayify them and theach them a lesson.

DO NOT get on his bad side i warn u, because he will add u to his TerrorisEE List and keep terrorising u until u quit habbo and want to go jump off a cliff into the ocean.

Gfum is from Ireland (one smexi country) and he knows how to handle gays. Expect the unexpected to come from his mouth. U shall be blown away with his awesomeness.

There are 2 people dat are/control Gfum.
Dey are still unknown and anonymous to the public hotel. They are surprisingly 2 teenage girls. Dont mess with dem, or they'll gfum yo ass.

Gfum/g.f.u.m. is the T.O.H.H.T = The Official Habbo Hotel Terroriser.
He HATES dis one guy called X-Haysey.Boy-X
He made him quit habbo and make a new account - 'HayseyBoy'
and then made him make another account - 'Kqc'
..and then...made him quite habbo completely.
No one knows where Kyle (Hayseyboy) is. Is he still alive? Did gfum drive him to insanity? Who knows...the awesomeness and smexiness of Gfum is unheard of..let it reflect upon u and degayify u and maybe idolise u into becoming a 'gfumster' yourself - one who follows the almighty leader Gfum.

Gfum is greater then the /b/rothers (the nigras of habbo who block the pools due to AIDS) Gfum not only blocks pools and doorways but entertains people and amuses them. Some ppl like him, some ppl dont.

Its easy to recognise Gfumsters because of der CRAZY, colourful, random clothes.
His appearance compels of black skin, chinese and puffy faces, jamaican hats, ski masks (my favorite), bras, skirts, slippers...all sorts of crazy stuff.
He enjoys raiding ppls guestbooks wit continous '///////' and always succeeds.

Join habbo and embrace in gfum's awesome power of crazyness.
Kyle: OMG!!!111!!eleven!!1 its gfum!! RUN!:'( Go die in a hole dinlo! U fats arab! IM too much of a noob to tink of gud comebacks!

Gfum: Die.
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Chat lingo, usually used when texting or on the computer, standing for "Go fuck your mom/mother/ma." Can be used as a joke, or as an insult.
"I hate you, gfum!"
by racheldk1 March 27, 2010
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