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gfnorm is game speak for "good fight, no rematch", originating from the internet game "Runescape".

Can also be used to describe everyday happenings IRL.

When irl, pronounced "Gee eff, en oh are em."
As in Runescape:
Person 1: hey noob wanna fight??
Person 2: prepare to die n3wb!!
Person 1: *kills person 2 with one hit*
Person 1: *as person 2 is dying* gfnorm nubcake.

As in IRL:
Person 1: i could totally beat you at tic tac toe fool
Person 2: k den wasup?
*they play and person 2 wins*
Person 2: Gfnorm.
by 1337shane9001 October 06, 2011
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