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Go Fuck A Goat With A Pineapple

Made up randomly in an office plagued by right-winged over the top PC moron's that need a life. They have a lot of acronyms in this place of employment, and needed to go this route to tell our bosses what we thought, as well as the over the top christian's that need to get laid, exactly how we can solve their problem.
Moron: I like ole' bush, he puts a smile on baby jesus's face.

ComeBackKidd: I like to watch baby jesus gfagwap.

Moron: What is gfagwap?

ComeBackKidd: go fuck a goat with a pineapple

Moron: That slightly offends me as i have no sense of humor. Wait here while i go masturbate to the thought and then tell on you for making me touch myself.
by ComeBackKidd August 20, 2007
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