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When your curly haired daughter says she's going out with friends (usually named Marissa and Nate), but she's actually going to do a butt-ton of drugs like methamphetamines, oxy, heroin, and smokin some blunts.
Renee: Hey Carol, I'm going out with some friends tonight.
Mom: Who is it?
Renee: Just Marissa and Nate.
Mom: Oh okay, they sound like good kids.
*Renee smirks and snickers*
Renee: Bye!
Mom: Don't forget to powder the vein on your nose!

*5 minutes later*
Renee: We're gonna be gettin tricky tonight!
Marissa: Tricky tricky tricky!
Nate: It's trickaaaaay!
by BOpcheese May 14, 2016
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