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A derivative of the old worn-out phrase "get outta here!"

Said by someone to communicate either :

* disbelief, or

* a desire to, swiftly, end the conversation or move onto to a new topic

This new version re-kindles the emphasis and weight that its predecessor had lost through overuse.

Often said with a pause to indicate that the speaker has 'upgraded' the statement mid-sentence.

A Brit first overheard it being said by a camp person in L.A and then propagated it to Essex, UK. Therefore, it MUST be said with a fake, camp, US accent every time.
Jim: Did you know that no one has submitted "Gullible" into the Urban Dictionary yet?

Bob: Oh that's really interesting...someone really should...
..oh... get...out...of...everyplace!
by ronny stalker January 25, 2010
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