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a phrase used by either gender, however rarely female (see dyke) that is said after or for any of the following purposes/ scenarios.

1. verb. to respond to, reach later, holla back
2. the hoodrat variation of "come to me with this proposal you have, as i may be of assistance"
3. when flaunting, bragging, boosting after having accomplished or done something extravagant; confidently yelling is used to flourish or boost the tone of the phrase.
4. tactfully used during the intimidating stages of a fight and/or gang battle. this requires the practitioner to apply his "game face" and "get all up in yo shit".

3 and 4 require the use of interpretive arm gestures and/or bouncing. the reverse nod head raise, although not required, boosts authoritative appearance.
Taylor: I need drugs.
Katerina: I think I know someone who can help...
Gabriel: Yo get at me brah!

Jared: You wanna mess?!
Gabriel: GET AT ME BRAH!
by Garfunkle Kracker December 07, 2010
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