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Pretty awesome, loving, beautiful women! Gerrica's love their family more than life. She forgives very easy. Gerrica's tend to stick to one relationship that makes them extremely miserable. Gerrica's usually can't trust many and the ones who she does trust are in a very safe spot in her heart. Gerrica's do not know their worth. Gerrica's are smart, and their hearts are so big. Gerrica's need to know when to step onto a new stepping stone and leave the past behind, because Gerrica's were born to succeed!
Gerrica has a very controlling boyfriend. I wish Gerrica would move on and enjoy life.
by Gerrica February 04, 2017
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A bitchhhh with no eyebrows , Ugly asf look like the grinch. Got aids and suck good dicks . She is a going nasty body ass hoe 😘
Andre : Gerrica pussy fishy as hell
by Junkywhore September 25, 2018
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She is very pretty. She can sometimes be untrustworthy but every guy wants a gerrica .she has a big heart and will do anything for her love ones. she wishes what she wants and gets what she wants.never start with her because you will never get a reaction back
Hater:I want to fight you

by Christ Anna May 14, 2018
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