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Where dance music will head in the early 2020s. After another decade or so fo evolution, dubsetp will mutate into forms with successive layers of two timeness to create tribstep, quatrestep, cinqstep (which will fuse with blues to form Cinqstep Blue) and infinitumstep where the track two times itself until completion. Successive three-time waltz dance will also emerge, as well as fractal beat, where bars of music take on irrational number values mirrored in Nature, such dance tracks will usually be 3DVJd to successive zooming and leaving fractal style shapes.
(A clubber going to an underground geometricore set in 2023)

I remember the days when you could get some good old fashioned drum n bass. I dont syn (short for synergise, 2020s speak for 'dig' ) with this geometricore nonsense!
by mids99 November 08, 2009
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