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noun. A highly gentrified neighborhood. Typically features an abundance of relatively young, economically successful white people. The beards per capita is elevated compared to most other residential regions. Common features of gentrificonia include the presence of Whole Foods, trendy startups, a perpetually crowded, MacBook infested Starbucks, and a lack of minorities. Other commonplace traits that generate the residents’ unwarranted sense of elevated self worth include the presence of industrial or rustic-inspired cafes, an excessive use of buzzwords, and a surrounding economically disadvantaged, racially diverse city.

Residents of gentrificonia are typically aware of their relative privilege, but disregard it when formulating their often self centered political views. They tend to think highly of themselves compared to less educated people, rural citizens, and conservatives. They are often resented by outside communities.

Examples of gentrificonia include Somerville, Massachusetts, Central East Austin, Texas, and the Bay Area, California.
Juan: "I heard Mike got a new "lead social innovator" position at that "startup incubator" down in Davis Square."
Rachel: "Perfect, he'll fit right in in gentrificonia"
by hotnfresh May 24, 2017
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