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A person who dismisses entire genres of art or entertainment - whether of music, literature, film, visual art etc - as being uninteresting, dumb, below them, or just not what they're into, and refuses to partake of their usage. It may denote avoidance of an entire art/entertainment medium or to subgenres within a medium. It may mean that a person avoids one or more genres out of disdain for them particularly, or, that he/she idolizes one to the ignorance of all others.

Within the different art mediums there are many typical categories that are routinely shunned:

Within music people are often heard to say they will listen to anything besides rap and country. A variety of styles of music throughout history are often labelled 'classical' and seen in a narrow light - usually viewed categorically as light music - and are never experienced by the unfortunate ignoramus.

In literature there are many who would never dream of reading anything found in the science fiction section of a book store. Some people will only read non-fiction, believing that all fiction is a waste of time. Even within genres there may be subgenres that are ignored, such as beat poetry within poetry.

Some film fanatics wouldn't be caught dead watching anything 'on TV'. And many voluminous TV watchers couldn't handle a sports telecast. I myself am a genre snob toward car racing of any type, which I think is boring and retarded as a spectator sport.
"What, you don't want to go the movies with me because you don't like foreign films? That's just dumb. What a genre snob you are."
by motifxf8 July 15, 2008
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