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Generation sandwich: a generation sandwich is sexual intercourse/contact with your son/daughter and mother/father. Typically the older generation is on the bottom and the youngest on the top leaving you in the middle dealing with both. You, the middle or the “meat” of the sandwich are typically female and the outer bread male. If the outer bread is female then strap ons are needed. If you’re the “meat” then your asshole is fucked. When the bread of the sandwich “finishes” it’s considered “spreading the mayo” ironically it’s a condiment but there’s no condom. If the bread is black then it’s dark rye and if you the “meat” is black it’s considered a roast beef sandwich.
Ex. “Hey bro what have you been up to?”

Oh shit I was the bread of the generation sandwich”

Nice man, did u “spread the mayo?””

“Oh of course, so did my grandpa, we drowned her in mayo!”

“Brooo that’s hot, what kind of “meat” was she?”

by Peeonmedarling October 13, 2017
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